Materials for semiconductors

LI Chemical provides products that can be the optimum solution for the refinement of semiconductor processes as well as on which customers can rely by synthesizing key materials for semiconductors based on its core technologies dealing with air-sensitive substances using a variety of metals.

Metallocene catalyst

Since its establishment, LI Chemical has ceaselessly devoted itself to developing eco-friendly processes and new state-of-art materials that create highly added values for the stable supply of high performance, high quality products to consumers through ongoing endeavor and research. This endeavor allows LI Chemical to pro-actively respond to the world’s rapidly-changing market and technology including continuing the launch of new products by new technologies using a metalocene catalyst.

Electronic materials

LI Chemical has been developing a variety of materials and commercializing technologies for electronic materials. LI Chemical has a systematic business structure including manufacturing, sales, research and development. LI Chemical puts forth every endeavor by flexibly coping with market trends to provide the best production to customers.