GC/MS :Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

GC/MS : Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

  • Model : GCMS-QP2010 Plus
  • Manufacturer : Shimadzu (Japan)
  • Applications : Versatile spectrometer which can detect the compounds in all kinds of functional groups with the distinguished detection sensitivity. Analyzing the traces of volatile substances of about 0 ppb.
GC/MS : Gas Chromatography

GC : Gas Chromatography

  • Model : GC-2010
  • Manufacturer : Shimadzu (Japan)
  • Applications : Analyzing all organic compounds whose boiling point are maximum 400 ℃. Applicable for qualitative and quantitative analysis on air pollutants of inorganic or organic matters.
GC/MS :가스크로마토그래피 질량분석기

HPLC/GPC : High Performance Liquid Chromatography

  • Model : Waters Alliance HPLC/GPC System
  • Manufacturer : Waters (USA)
  • Features : Qualitative and quantitative analysis on organic matters. Measurement of relative molecular weight.
  • Applications : Measurement of relative molecular weights of high molecule samples and purity test of unknown matters contained in samples.